Staunton SP

Staunton SP

Monday, March 10, 2014

Welcome to Go Hike Colorado

Welcome to Go Hike Colorado, a blog dedicated to all levels of hiking in Colorado and anywhere else that I am lucky enough to visit. I've been wanting to set up a blog like this for some time now and finally getting around to it.  I welcome any and all comments whether they be compliments, suggestions, criticisms, praises, encouragements, complaints, whines, or anything else that you want to add to the conversation.  Just keep it clean and respectful...or at least funny...

Just a bit of background on me, I live and work in Denver therefore the majority of my hikes focus on the Front Range mountains and foothills.  I love to get out of the Front Range and explore Colorado  whenever I can, but I also appreciate the hidden gems around Denver and the surrounding cities.  As of four months ago, I have a young child so I'll try to include as many kid friendly hikes as I do high altitude grinds.

I have been collecting data and photos for years and I plan to regularly update the blog with "hike pages."  These pages are listed to the left and right of the blog posts and organized by geographic location or land management agency (i.e., Jefferson County Open Space or National Park Service).  I'll also be posting as I go on new hikes and turn them into "pages" shortly thereafter.

The pages contain individual hike descriptions.  I'll try to provide as much info as I can - driving directions, distances, elevation gain, maps, and short (very short) descriptions.  Do you really need me to go on and on about how beautiful the view is from Blue Lakes Pass, wouldn't you rather just see a picture?

I generally use Motion-X GPS on my iphone to collect data while hiking.  I've found the data to be relatively accurate but please take my info with a grain of salt.  When traveling  in the backcountry please don't solely rely on my data.  Please consult topo maps, agency websites, and use your own judgement.  I will try to refrain from posting hikes that are off trail or bushwacks, the last thing I want is for someone to get lost based on my directions.

I'll also try to guide you to other websites for information on certain hikes.  For example, there is no better resource for hiking a 14er than  Those folks really know what they are doing and deserve your patronage.

Well, enough of my blathering...go hike Colorado!


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