Staunton SP

Staunton SP

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Deer Creek Canyon Park - Red Mesa Loop

Deer Creek Canyon Park
Jefferson County Open Space

Date Hiked: October 1, 2013

Distance:  9.3 miles (Round Trip)
Elevation Gain:  2,023 ft

Deer Creek Canyon Park Website
Deer Creek Canyon Park Map
Trail Map (Google Maps)

Deer Creek Canyon Park is a wonderful park close to Denver.  I often hike there after work in the summer time.  There are trails of all shapes and sizes but his hike is by far the longest. Just hiking to the start of the loop and back is roughly 6 miles.  Even so, this makes for a wonderful day hike, especially in the Fall.

From the parking area, take the hiker only Meadowlark Trail to the Plymouth Creek Trail.  After 1.2 miles on the Plymouth Creek trail you'll come to the junction with the Red Mesa Loop.  I prefer to hike the loop counter clockwise, this gives you the option of adding the Golden Eagle Trail to the end of the Red Mesa Loop.  Golden Eagle adds 1 mile to your trip and is certainly worth it as the views are fantastic. Head back the way you came or stay on the Plymouth Creek trail all the way to the parking lot.

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