Staunton SP

Staunton SP

Friday, March 15, 2013

Filius Park

Un-named Trail at Filius Park
Denver Mountain Parks

Date Hiked: March 15, 2013

Distance: 2.3 mi (RT)

Elevation Gain: 400 ft

Filius Park Trail Map (Google Maps)

Directions:  Filius Park is a small Denver Mountain Park near Bergen Park.  From Denver, head West on I-70 and exit onto Evergreen Parkway.  Make a right onto Bergen Parkway and a quick left onto Soda Creek Road.  There is a parking area at the corner of Bergen Pkwy and Soda Creek Road.  The trailhead has a small trail marker but no other signage.

Head up the trail through pine forest gaining a few hundred feet.  Soon you come to a saddle with 3 options.  To the left is a short forested loop that brings you back to the saddle.  Going straight takes you down to a residential neighborhood.  The nicest part of this hike is going to the right.  This will take you up onto a rocky ridge with nice views of the surrounding foothills.  At the end the ridge you a suddenly looking onto a residential property so please be respectful and don't enter private property.  The ridge is fun to hike along and makes for a nice quick hike.

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  1. The hike leading to right leads on to private property, it is not designated trail and is closed. The summit area you describe is private property.