Staunton SP

Staunton SP

Friday, May 18, 2012

Dedisse Trail to Aldefer/Three Sisters Park

Dedisse Park to Aldefer/Three Sisters Park
Denver Mountain Parks & Jefferson County Open Space

Date Hiked: May 18, 2012

Distance:  5.9 mi (RT)

Elevation Min/Max: 7,064 to 7,771ft

Dedisse Park Trail Map (Denver Mountain Parks)
Dedisse Trail to The Sisters Trail Map (Google Maps)

Directions:  This hike starts at Evergreen Lake in Downtown Evergreen.  Park at the small parking area on the North side of the lake, cross the street, and follow the paved trail west along the shore Evergreen Lake, past Evergreen Parkway, cross the street and look for the trail map and the paved trail leading up into the woods, this is your trailhead.

This hike follows the Dedisse Trail linking Dedisse Park and Evergreen Lake to Aldefer/Three Sisters Park.  This hike is wonderful and much more than just a linking trail.  From Evergreen Lake you climb up into the evergreen forest, gain some elevation then descend down to Upper Bear Creek Road.  Cross the road and continue through the forest crossing Bear Creek.  The next portion of the hike skirts the hillside and gains the top of the hill from the south face.  Once on top of the hill you follow a ridgeline into Aldefer/Three Sisters Park.  Before entering the park you travel along a flat portion of trail that pleasantly meanders through the forest with some fantastic rock formations, building until you reach Aldefer Park.

Once in Aldefer Park, you can continue on the Dedisse trail until it joins the Sisters Trail.  Follow the Sisters Trail up to the base of the rock formations for wonderful views back the way you came.  The top of the Sisters makes for a great destination, the return is the same route you arrived on.

The flat, rocky portion of this hike is wonderful, you'll feel like setting up camp and just relaxing in this area as long as you can.  I'm not sure if camping is allowed here but you should probably resist that urge - it's so close that you can come back and visit this area to your heart's content.

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