Staunton SP

Staunton SP

Friday, September 16, 2011

Coke Ovens Trail, Colorado National Monument

Coke Ovens Trail
Colorado National Monument

Date Hiked: September 16, 2011

Distance: 1.25 mi (RT)

Elevation Gain: 150ft

Colorado National Monument Trail Map (NPS)

Directions:  The hike starts from the Upper Monument Trailhead, 3.8 miles east of the Visitor Center on Rim Rock Road.

This short hike brings you to an overlook of the Coke Ovens, an interesting group of rock formations and towers.  The trail descends the cliffs of the canyon and then levels out onto a ridge that takes you to the overlook.  The overlook, as well as the decent into the canyon, makes this short hike a must do for first time visitors.


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