Staunton SP

Staunton SP

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Seven Falls, S. Cheyenne Canyon, Colorado Springs

Seven Falls
Colorado Springs

Date Hiked: June 2, 2010

Distance: 224 steps...
Elevation Gain: 224 steps...
Managing Agency:  Private Ownership
Fee: Yes

Seven Falls Website

Directions: From I-25, take Exit 140B and follow the signs to Seven Falls.  Make a right onto W. Cheyenne Road and follow the road to a split in the road.  The right goes to N. Cheyenne Canyon Park while staying to the left goes to S. Cheyenne Canyon and Seven Falls.  Turn left and enter S. Cheyenne Canyon, before too long you'll see the arch and entrance station for Seven Falls.  

The Seven Falls Park has been closed recently for renovations and enhancements but it is scheduled to re-open in the Spring of 2015.  Whether or not the park will be the same as it was previously, from a hiking perspective remains to be seen.

The main attraction of the park is the series of waterfalls that are viewed by a multi-tiered system of staircases.  The stairs take you up the canyon and connect you to a system of trails, the most popular of which is Inspiration Point.

While Seven Falls is most certainly a tourist trap, it is an impressive one.  If you like waterfalls and steep narrow canyons, then it is worth the time, and price of admission.  The crowds are most fervent at the base and the visitor center, once you make it up the stairs to the trail system the crowds thin out considerably.

Your first destination upon visiting should be a climb up the 185 steps to the “Eagle’s Nest.”  This viewpoint platform gives you a great view of the falls as well as S. Cheyenne Canyon.  Next, move on to the stairs leading up to the trails, this time 224 steps.   The views from the stairs are fantastic take your time and enjoy. When you reach the top, explore further among the trails.  For some reason the trails were closed when we visited so you’re on your own from here…

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